Keeping patients with chronic mental disorders safe.

What we do

Recovery Cat is a digital therapy companion for patients with psychotic and bipolar disorders and recurrent depression. We provide a customizable monitoring tool supporting patients to report symptoms, drug intake and side effects between points of care. Our data helps patients to understand themselves better and get active in case of worsening, and helps physicians to support their daily medical decisions. Our mission is to help patients to stay safe and get back into life.

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How it works


Customize Monitoring

Created by patients and their treating physician together, 

in just minutes.

Daily Check Ins

Patients get a reminder and report their symptoms daily between visits.

Better data

Data about individual drug and symptom interactions support medical decisions


Who we are

We're a Berlin based team of medical practitioners, techies and designers. We share the same passion for mental health innovation and are currently developing Recovery Cat closely together with patients and doctors. We're funded by Charité (Digital Health Accelerator) and the Prototype Fund (Federal Ministry of Research and Education). 

Here are 3 things that are truly important to us: users come first (patients, therapists and doctors), so we're listening to them every day and try to build something that really improves their lives. Second, being open source, and boosting collaboration in health tech instead of competition. And third, data privacy. We'll make sure you're data is so damn safe that you can't even enter it yourself anymore if you loose your smartphone (please don't). 

Join Recovery Cat on the way to truly patient-centered mental health care.

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BIH/ Charité 

Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin 


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